Birth Support


Before Labor

On-Call 24/7

We are on call for you from the day you hire us! One of us will be available to support you day or night, whenever you need it. 


We encourage you to reach out to us as your pregnancy progresses, to address questions, sort through your options and help you navigate the decision-making process.


We provide two prenatal visits, one with each of us individually, during which we will discuss your health history, birth priorities, day-of logistics, pain management options, in-hospital newborn procedures, postpartum preparation, etc. Our goal is to help you feel as prepared as possible.


Labor & Birth


When labor begins, we stay in close contact with you by phone and text. When you are ready for in-person support, one of us will join you at home or at your birth place, staying with you regardless of how long birth takes, with no time limit on our support. Labor knows no clock!




Our labor support doesn’t end with birth! After your baby is born, we’ll stay to help initiate breastfeeding and make sure you’re comfortable. If your baby must go to the NICU, we will remain with you as you begin your recovery.


The doula who attended you birth will visit you at home for a postnatal follow-up to chat about your birth, assess your current needs, make referrals to related postpartum services as needed and, of course, marvel over your baby!


Birth Support Fee


*Payable in installments if needed.


Postpartum Services

As parents ourselves, much of our knowledge comes from our own experiences. As certified postpartum doulas, we offer evidence-based information and assistance to compassionately help you meet your baby's needs, care for yourself, and ease your transition to parenthood. Our goal is to help each parent feel a sense of contentment, satisfaction and connection with her baby.

Our postpartum services include help with infant care, feeding and soothing; breastfeeding support, sibling support, meal preparation, laundry, grocery shopping and errand running, depending on your particular needs. Our scope of practice excludes house cleaning (other than general tidying up), driving you places, or babysitting while you go out. However, we are happy to be with your baby while you go for a walk, sleep or shower, and we can accompany you on errands and appointments.


$30 / hour, minimum commitment of 12 hours


Additional Postpartum Services

Breastfeeding support

Colleen offers private in-home support for nursing parents.


$50 for a one-hour home visit

Placenta Encapsulation

Emily offers placenta services through Atlanta Placenta. She works with you to create a beautiful package that includes placenta pills, one tincture, a print and an umbilical cord keepsake.


$225 / special for birth & postpartum clients
$275 / regular price

Postpartum Belly Binding

Postpartum Belly Binding can give additional support to the abdomen, torso and pelvic area, which can help to improve posture, stabilize loosened ligaments and support the abdominal wall while muscles retract and organs move back into place.

After the birth of your baby, Emily will come to your home and show you how to wrap your postpartum belly. All binds are made to order with 100% batik cotton fabric.