Happy Clients

I recommend Colleen to anyone looking to have a wonderfully supported birth every step of the way… Colleen was a huge part of enabling a satisfying birth and I will be forever grateful to her for being part of our wonderful journey.
— Sarah H.

“Colleen was a fantastic resource, both in preparing us for childbirth and in coaching us through labor.  She did an excellent job of helping us know what to expect, showing us methods for coping with labor pains, and making sure we were fully informed of our options.  She also made sure that we took care of ourselves, reminding us to eat and drink, and she followed up with us whenever we encountered issues with breastfeeding or early childcare.”

— Sean B.

“Emily is a gem. She is an extremely knowledgeable doula in regards to local hospital practices and  pain management, and is a wonderful care taker. She is a great listener and always caters her services to what you want. Her philosophy is to support you in the labor and delivery process, whatever that may look like. I highly recommend her to anyone and wish I had found her for my first birth!” 

— Sharoda Dasgupta

“As an expectant father, I really appreciated how Colleen understood my desire to be involved in the experience and made sure to not "leave me out.” She was especially helpful during the actual birth with tips on how to assist my wife, especially since I forgot everything I had learned from her classes when the big day came. She was a calming presence and we enjoyed her company on the day of the birth as well as every time we were able to get together with her. I strongly suggest her Breastfeeding for Couples class.”



“My husband and I are so glad we had Emily as our doula. She was an excellent support throughout the pregnancy and was available whenever we had questions, concerns, or wanted to talk through something. I wouldn't want to imagine going through labor and delivery without her. Her knowledge of medical practices and natural techniques was valuable and helped us in achieving the natural birth we hoped for. She stayed with us after the birth and helped with breastfeeding and any other needs we had. A week after our daughter was born, she visited us to discuss the birth, answer new parent questions, and give some awesome healing remedies for me. Emily made us feel comfortable early on. We felt like she really took the time to get to know us, our goals, and understand what would work best for us in the labor and delivery. We highly recommend her to anyone expecting a new baby soon and would definitely have her with us again in the future.”

— Jessica & Gio Vargas


“We feel so fortunate to have had Emily as our doula. From our initial phone consultation, I knew that I wanted her by my side for the birth of our son and it proved to be one of the best decisions my husband and I could have made. Emily is extremely knowledgeable, gentle, and respectful. She really listened to what we wanted our birth experience to be like and was completely supportive of our decisions. When I went into labor, Emily left her house super early to beat rush hour and arrived at the hospital even earlier than I had asked her to be there. My husband and I felt immediately calmer once she arrived and were comforted knowing that she was a part of our birth team. Emily came armed with an arsenal of pain management and positioning tools, all of which we had discussed and tried during our initial in person meeting. She offered me essential oils when I was feeling nauseous or low energy, helped me get in position with the peanut ball when my son wasn't moving down the birth canal, and gave me back massages in between contractions, but what really helped me was her gentle encouragement and reassurance. We couldn't have asked for a better birth and Emily was absolutely integral to our positive experience. We wouldn't hesitate to work with Emily again in the future and recommend her wholeheartedly.”

— Rebecca & Rohite Rego


”I met Colleen through a breastfeeding class she was leading and I found the class to be very helpful and detailed. After the birth of my child, I was struggling with breastfeeding and called Colleen for advice. She answered the phone immediately and provided me with some extremely helpful solutions that helped me get through a difficult period. What struck me about Colleen was her knowledge, her willingness to support and her professional integrity. Colleen is a committed and knowledgable professional.”

-Katie REUSS


“Emily did an amazing job as our doula for our first child. Her calm demeanor and extensive knowledge assured my husband and I that we could have a natural unmedicated childbirth with a good support system. I knew from the beginning that I wanted a natural unmedicated birth, but wasn't receiving the support I had hoped for from my doctor and some of our loved ones. Emily was so encouraging from the get go and helped us realize that birth is birth no matter which method you choose. She helped guide my husband and me through a peaceful pregnancy and birth by providing educational materials and positive support. She was an integral part of our team when our daughter was born and we are very thankful that we hired Emily to be there with us through the entire process.”

— Jessica & Colin Spain


“Colleen was recommended to me by my OB-Gyn. I was very impressed with how knowledgeable she was, both from experience and clearly having been up to date on evidence-based information from medical literature. This was really meaningful to me, coming from a medical background myself. She knew some of the nurses and doctors in the hospital where I delivered and worked really well with them. She was an incredible source of support and guidance for both me and my husband throughout the whole birthing process.”

-Maya F.

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