Breastfeeding Class


How parents mentally and emotionally prepare for breastfeeding can make a profound difference in their ability to cope, be resourceful and flexible, and see themselves, their baby, and their joint experience in a positive light. Research shows that parents who take a breastfeeding class before birth tend to breastfeed longer because they have the resources and confidence to address any potential challenges. And when partners understand the essentials of this tender journey, their encouragement and support can help breastfeeding succeed.

This class covers the whys and hows of latch, positioning and frequency, taking a nonjudgmental approach to this sometimes complex relationship. You’ll get hands-on instruction, practicing with dolls for positioning. We’ll view optimal breastfeeding on videos and engage in lively discussion. Partners are encouraged to attend but not required. If you have any questions or struggles after your baby begins feeding, I offer FREE support by text, phone or video chat.

pricing + schedule

Cost for the 3-hour group class is $95. Class is held in Midtown Atlanta. Private sessions are also available for those whose schedules prevent them from registering for the group class.


Birthing From Within


Colleen’s 12-hour Birthing From Within childbirth series is designed to help expectant parents prepare for birth in strength and awareness, rather than to achieve a specific outcome. Attendees learn what the human body is physiologically capable of, the psychology of how to enable that capability, and how they can be fully present without fear clouding their experience or preventing them from birthing in empowerment.

The birthing from within series includes

  • Dozens of emotional and physical coping tools to avoid suffering

  • The stages of labor

  • How to process and face the fear of labor and birth

  • Ways for partners/attendants to provide emotional and physical support

  • Movement and positioning to ease pain and promote labor progress

  • Medical interventions: How? When? Why or why not?

  • How to communicate effectively with care providers

pricing + schedule

This series is offered every other month in Midtown Atlanta. Each series is scheduled over four weeknights (3 hours per night). Cost for the series is $295. Private sessions are also available for people whose schedules prevent them from registering for the group class. Private sessions are $150 for one 3-hour session or $300 for two 3-hour sessions.


New Parent, New Baby: Preparing for the Fourth Trimester


This 4-hour class gives expectant parents a boatload of tools and resources to care for their babies—and themselves—during the tender, vulnerable first months after birth, and explores ways to meet the challenges of new parenthood.

A guest parent and their infant join the class so that participants can learn from open, real-world discussion and hands-on experience.

pricing + schedule

Class is held in Midtown Atlanta. Cost for this class is $100. Private sessions are also available for clients whose schedules prevent them from registering for the group class.


Birthing Again


This private childbirth-refresher class is for parents who have experienced a previous birth. Attendees will dust off pain-coping skills, create time to focus on THIS birth and THIS baby, and learn ways to integrate baby into the existing family, with special attention on supporting siblings through the transition.


Class is held in Midtown Atlanta. Cost for this private class is $150 for 3 hours.